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Entry #3

Prize for viewing my page!

2007-11-20 22:21:36 by Ranck3

Congrats! Thank you for viewing my page! Now you will get to know a cheat for a game on newgrounds! "Ill do this every once in a while"

The Game: CC Fight Club
What Cheat Does: Enables you to be the best character in game: Robot!
How to get it: Click on Biological Clock. Then, move your cursor out of the game, Then keep hitting tab until it highlights a arena in the bottom left of the screen. then click there. Then you will get: Robot!
Robot is the best player in the game. Its Definitly Cheating to use him. "Its still fun though"

The Game: Alien Homiod
What Hint Does: Gives you extra life
How to get it: In the beginning of Level 1, After killing the boy, jump up to the top oh the highest building, there will be a helicopter. Egnore it. You will see a life. Grab it.

NEW HINT! "Finally!"
The Game: Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Dx. 3
What cheat does: unlocks the broom and the keyboard guitars.
How to get it: You need the Minimalest and the Butterfingers Awards, to get Minimalest, Dont do anything the entire song. For Butterfingers, Get 1,000 mistakes. Minimalest unlocks broom, Butterfingers unlocks Kepboard.


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2007-12-09 02:48:43

OMG i won?! yay

Ranck3 responds:



2007-12-13 17:18:02

Hi. Keep at the flashes. I see talent.

Ranck3 responds:

I know. I will.


2007-12-23 22:28:53

Awsome Cheats

Ranck3 responds: